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premium near the park at $7 an hour rather than the usual $5 an hour. bush special -- during special events there is a new parking program including all giants' home game bring the higher hourly rate and some think it is a rip-off. >> i have to think twice about coming up here or maybe i do mass transit. $7 an hour that is absolutely ridiculous. >> the rates are in affect until 10:00 at might and the city is trying to kill two birds with one stone, managed limited parking spaces and boost the revenue. >> you want to do something, you have got to pay. >> beautiful day. perfect for baseball, right? >> now outside for what is going on, beat red with square a, i forgot to square sunscreen to a double header. you can see how dry and quiet our weather is right now. we will talk about what is going to happen today. we are going to have clouds and mild conditions during the afternoon hours. with the increasing clouds temperatures are still nice. wet weather on tuesday and wednesday, a high chance of getting rain but not a lost rain in the forecast and dry and warm weather the coming weekend.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1